Feminism & Disney Princesses


As a feminist who, as a girl, (alright AND as an adult) loves all things Disney princess, I try and stay informed on the debate about how we think Disney affects the gendering process in girls. There was a great article on feministing or perhaps Slant a couple years back about how a transgender F to M was incredibly comforted by Ariel’s narrative in The Little Mermaid. There is always a lot of tension with that film, especially surrounding the song, “Kiss the girl.” Oh, yeah, and that little fact that she gives up her voice for a man.

This Jez article doesn’t add anything particularly mind-shattering to the debate, in my opinion. But, it’s a good quick read if you are interested.



I dread first posts. I’m not sure what exactly this blog will be or become. All I know is that I’m a first year law student who needs an outlet. I’m hoping to get back in touch with everything I loved before coming to law school while incorporating my new found love for the law.

I LOVE FOOD.  I have a sweet tooth but I also love eating healthy. I’m gym obsessed. I love film and literature. I love fashion and traveling but currently don’t have the money for either. (The picture below is of me in St. Petersburg, Russia last summer.) I’m a feminist. I have an amazing boyfriend who I have been with for 7 years and an incredible family back on the West Coast. This blog will be filled with all this good stuff and more, like cats, lots of cats.

I’m also hoping to have my awesome friends guest post on this blog too! IMG_2283